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Carex species’ photographs

This page remains dynamic as more accessions are aquired. The aim is to have links from the photographs to information about the species themselves as well as collection data. All photographs have millimetre graph paper as their background.

The authority of the species is provided with synonyms where these are, perhaps, the better known name to some readers. Essentially the nomenclature follows that of Jermy et al, 2007 “Sedges of the British Isles”, BSBI Handbook No 1 Edition 3.

species acuta-atrofusca
species bigelowii-chordorrihiza
species davalliana-divulsa
species echinata-flava
species hirta-limosa
species magellanica-otrubae
species pallescens-punctata
species rariflora-sylvativa
species trinervis-vulpina

C. hirta L. [2249] DAD
C. hostiana DC. [1467] DAD
C. hostiana DC.
Austrian origin, wild [1467] ***
C. humilis Leyss. 23 Atlas squares; very locally common, south and west   C. lachenalii Schkuhr. [5]
C. laevigata SM. [921] ***
C. lasiocarpa Ehrh. [[405]
C. leporina L.
(was C. ovalis Gooden.) [2691] DAD

C. leporina L. [2691] ***
 C. limosa L [391] JPH  

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